Dating inland m1 carbine

Since then inland has been adding additional carbine models that are variations of their basic m1 carbines all are built using the same receivers and parts the differences are barrel length, type of stock or finish, type of handguard and a few accessories such as their flash suppressor. M1 carbine: dating by serial number discussion in 'rifle country' started by remander, jun 24, 2006. The most notable of inland's firearm production was the 30 caliber m1 carbine and the folding stock variant, the m1a1 paratrooper model dayton, ohio was home for the original inland company, and is now the home of the new inland manufacturing located just two miles from the original facility. Early inland division of general motors m1 carbine with i stock 1942 date description: the barrel date is 8-42 the carbine's serial number is 35901 this is a original as issued carbine it is not a rebuild all the parts are original and correct for the serial number range and date of production the bore is bright and new looking.

Join date: mar 2012 posts: 16 how to check serial numbers for m1 carbines i saw the thread on check srial numbers but unless i missed it, it seems to only cover garands is there a way to check the serial number for m1 carbines based on the reciever serial number inland division of general motors 1 - 5 (tool room models) (nov 1941. The inland m1 carbine is manufactured using new steel components and stocks that meet gi specifications this means the parts are interchangeable with wwii-era carbines. Inland low serial number m1 carbine - posted in m1 series of carbines [ref]: i recently picked up an early inland, notice there is not a date on the barell all of the parts are inland, any reason why the barell would not be dated. The m1 carbine is modeled after the last production model that inland manufactured in 1945 and features a type 3 bayonet lug/barrel band, adjustable rear sights, push-button safety, round bolt, low wood walnut stock, and 1-15-round magazines.

I read with interest the cover story article in the current guns & ammo magazine about the newly manufactured m1 carbine by a company called inland manufacturing they are marketing three models, a 1944 with a type ii barrel band and comes with a 10 round magazine for sale in the constitutional restrictive states, a 1945 model with type iii barrel band with bayonet lug and comes with 15. Inland mfg m1 carbine made in october of 1943 my father passed it down to me today, it mas my grandfather's service weapon during the korean war he was the commander of an anti-air half track (not sure if that's the correct terminology. The inland manufacturing division of general motors produced more than 26 million m1 carbines between 1942 and the end of world war ii—approximately 40 percent of the nation’s total supply.

The highest plainfield enforcer serial number observed to date has been pp00524 m-2 carbines the plainfield m-2 carbines serial numbers are within the m-1 carbine sequence. Underwood actually stopped production of complete m1 carbines in may 1944 they did, however, make thousands of barrels for other primary contractors the s/n though was originally assigned to inland and would have been used, probibly sometime in 1942. Description: ww2 m1 carbine mfg inland sg dated may 1943 from serial number and barel all metal parts are very good condition mechanically very good stock has some dents and dings consistent with combat use. Up for auction is a us military inland manufactured m-1 carbine with a 18 barrel the barrel is marked inland mfg div over general motors over 1-44 the parkerized metal finish surface wear, edge wear along with some oily dust build up in protected areas. Dayton, ohio was home for the original inland company, and is now the home of the new inland manufacturing located just two miles from the original facility today’s inland manufacturing is now producing a new line of 30 caliber m1 carbines and 1911 style pistols.

Born on date for inland carbine discussion in 'mil surp i can't find the dates (yet) for the change from type i to iia but considering your manufacture date it is likely that your falls into the type i range if i can find the change-over date i'll post it i found the above in craig riesch's book, us m1 carbines wartime production. Someone wanted some info on m1 carbinemaybe this will help much of it is copied from the nra's booklet uscaliber 30 carbine over a span of just 38 months (the first carbines were delivered in june 1942, the last in august 1945) nine primary contractors established manufacturing facilities, tooled up and turned out some six million carbines of all types - m1, m1a1, m2 and t3/m3. Shop from our extensive collection of unique us military rifles and vintage rifles here at collectors firearms, your only destination for antique guns site information-- categories brands inland m1 30 caliber carbine wwii era carbine arsenal refurbished post war excellent condition add to cart springfield m1 garand 30-06 (r22740). M1/m2 carbine serial number thread m1 carbine previously posted inlands barrel dates: 505669 undated inland barrel 3052904 11/43 inland barrel us carbine serial numbers.

Dating inland m1 carbine

Note: the author states that no completed ip carbines were accepted by the government he goes on to say that 3,542 completed carbines were at the factory when taken over by saginaw, grand rapids on jan 11, 1944 (observed serial numbers for these carbines are below 1,750,000. Inland manufacturing has added some new guns to their line up at shot show 2016 the advisor is a pistol version of the m1 carbine and is built on a paratrooper style stock. Merry christmas all you pistol packin mamas and gun totin dudes question my bro-in-law just purchased an inland m1 carbine and it appears to be original with a like new barrel which leads me to wonder if it may have been rebarreled it has an inland barrel stamped 8-44 and it has a receiver serial # of 5452761. Make: inland division of general motors model: m1 carbine serial number: 2442 year of manufacture: july – september 1942 (page 28 of scott duff’s book the m1 carbine owner’s guide) barrel date 7 – 42 caliber: 30 carbine action type: semi auto, detachable magazine (no magazine is provided) markings: there is no visible import mark the top of the receiver is marked “us carbine / cal 30 m1” on the front and “inland div / 2442” on the rear.

  • However, dating a carbine by it's serial number alone is difficult and not always accurate given the circumstances inherent with manufacturing and the logistics situation during the time the carbines were manufactured a few of the manufacturers at various times used subcontractors to manufacture their receivers.
  • M1 carbines also tend to have good trigger pulls just because of the geometry of the fire control system, and this inland was no different the trigger pull is a single-stage with no take up it was relatively crisp and 625 pounds in weight.
  • This inland built m1 carbine is on display at fort macon state park in north carolina author's photo added 1-14-2017 the inland stamp is easier to read than on the previous carbine and is serial number 210736 author's photo added 1-14-2017 inland division of gm built 811 out of the 1,919 t3 infrared carbines during wwii.

The same month they ceased carbine production the 239 commercial controls m1 carbines were assembled from leftover parts and provided to us army ordnance in august 1945 the commercial controls m1 carbines are the rarest of all manufacturers. Join date: jul 2008 inland m1 carbine() i've inherited a stack of guns from my deceased brother in law who was a leo one of them is an m1 not being familiar with the m1's i was frightened to see the markings inland div on the receiver i immediately thought oh man john brought home his issue rifle and never took it back. I have a beautiful winchester m1 carbine that i am preparing to sell it was a part of my uncles estate that i received about 4 years ago he purchased it in the late-1950s and i remember being allowed to shoot it as a child.

Dating inland m1 carbine
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