Dating reptilian women

Jorden maxwell actually mentioned a similar experience in his most recent interview with project camelot he spoke of a witness that he interviewed it was a women that was the daughter of an air force kernel she had an encounter with a reptilian and recalled that it made screeching noises like dinosaur. 09 november 2011 from understandingevil website spanish version the following is a list of characteristics regularly manifested by the reptilian possessed or reptilian hybrid (those sharing equal amounts of human and reptilian dna) these people are not rare, and in fact, humans with very little reptilian dna are becoming exceedingly rare. Woman who have sex with reptilian aliens few people can claim to have experienced out of this world sex, but pamela stonebrooke is a woman who can the 52-year-old jazz singer says she enjoyed mind-blowing alien romps with a six-foot reptilian for three years. For some ufo entusiasts whom might be proud of something new, i am happy to say i am dating and married by reptilian marriage to a reptilian male and some new news i have had, i may be pregnant by him.

Both men and women are highly misogynistic if left unchecked they are pedophiles, as are reptilians within their own species they are extremely dangerous psychology has attempted to understand this phenomenon by using the labels of narcissism, sociopath and psychopath they do not like the sun and prefer cold, dark rooms. When i tell men about my reptilian experience, they find it difficult pamela said her first alien bonk took place in 1998, more than a year after her first extra-terrestrial encounter at the time, she was working as a high-powered celebrity agent in houston, usa, and says she had no interest in the mysterious world of little green men. Nonverbal communication is processed by a woman's reptilian brain – the physical part of her brain that evolved millions of years before the mammalian limbic brain ever evolved around it the reptilian brain is much like a baby's brain.

For your search query reptilian woman dating shiw mp3 we have found 1000000 songs matching your query but showing only top 10 results now we recommend you to download first result we have reptilian entities who run this world david icke mp3 which is uploaded by london real of size 910 mb , duration 6 minutes and 55 seconds and bitrate is 192 kbps. Humans are simply hosts for the etheric bodies of the reptilian it is still human marrying human i think the reptilians can use about anyone as a host if they don't have a very strong sense of self, and if they use the human's body for a limited period of time. As for a basic reptilians style, they love rock n roll and hard rock it soothes their minds in the sounds of it in the reptilian form, they do have the hooded robes for dress, but they are not (when with thier own kind) feel the need to use clothes that is just for being in the presence of another kind of people. I personally witnessed,seen,encountered,worked with experienced them on many levels they have shapeshifted in front of me most notably about a year after my wife died of a rare disease, most likely through reptillion design i began dating a woman reptoid although not evident immediately. 7 signs you're dating a reptilian shapeshifter - illuminati alien reptilian hybrid shapeshifters alexander starchild mysterious birth has this woman suspect that she may be a hybrid.

Dating from the third dynasty of ur (circa 2100 bc) - 4500 bp, find this pin and more on giants by paul folkner in mesopotamian mythology, gilgamesh is a demigod of superhuman strength who built the city walls of uruk to defend his people from external threats. The dating catwoman trope as used in popular culture this is a woman who conceived a replacement baby when her daughter's well being was used as a bargaining chip against her and in order to make contact with them, he needs the help of atla, a witch who is half-reptilian herself bran is rather repelled by her reptile side, and atla. Reptilian starseeds the repilitan race is often referred to as reptoids, lizzies, dracos, orions, archons, shapeshifters, etc there are both good and bad reptilians in the universe, unfortunately we barely hear about the good kind since the lower dimensional types are so set in their ways of war and tyranny. 2 why do women respond so consistently favorably to a man being indifferent and aloof once a connection has been established doc love pioneered the concept of challenge, which was a key piece to my understanding why women choose to stay with one man over another but again, why it seems completely backwards to what should happen with attraction. For the best marriage advice, what better place to turn than the top experts on the subject whether it's showing appreciation, learning to agree to disagree, or making time for date nights, these.

Dating reptilian women

Thus it can be said that taiwan is the most prudish country in asia, and its women are indicative of that especially since women tend to conform to the culture a culture where you can't even flirt simply sucks. This happens when a man’s reptilian brain is completely convinced that a particular woman is a source of pleasure and as a result it force feeds feelings of attraction in a man’s system which urges him to actively pursue that woman. Reptoid rape: a multi-part series many parts of the world is that somewhere a long time ago supernatural beings had sexual intercourse with natural women and produced a special breed of people-francis a schaeffer reptilian agenda website is a publication of tgs services. Experiences i was married to a shapeshifter and the biggest secret is correct i have just been reading the book the biggest secret, and feel an urge write to you with some information which may be of interest/use to you in your research.

  • Less reptilian genes --- less likely hybrids would realize who they are if hybrid is just 1/8 hybrid, that hybrid may never discover - because not enough reptilian genes to cause noticeable difference in appearance and physical qualities - although could have reptilian traits in character: more territorial and power hungry, more sexual, more.
  • The most obvious reptilian trait would be the reptilian brain, which we all have the reptilian brain is responsible for the “fight or flight” response which is generally based on fear-evoking actions.
  • New (reptilian) world order - complete history of reptilian control reptilian shapeshifters from hell--obama, our government, and in our society ultimate plan of destruction--and the time is now (mind-blowing videos and photos) what controls you ancient reptilian-controlled human at oxford university, which is older than the aztec empire.

American women and marriage: a sacred vow (why i will never marry an american woman) the idea of marrying an american woman literally terrifies me can i not handle having sex with one person for the rest of my life. The most twisted secret about the male brain (you’ll be pleasantly surprised) do you want love from a man then rub the reptile do you want him to worship you like a goddess then rub his reptile do you want him to finally get over his weird emotional hangups & commit to you then once again, rub his reptile. In the previous chapter, we took a look at the triune brain model, which consists of 3 kinds of brains: reptilian, mammalian, and primate now let’s take a closer look at some of the external events (aka triggers) that can cause the reptilian brain to take over our decision making. Reptilians, dracos and amphibians by hybrids rising there is an extraordinarily rich history regarding reptilian appearing alien beings dating back to the oldest known creation stories involving the anunnaki the anunnaki were ancient deities of sumerian, assyrian, akkadian and babylonian culture.

Dating reptilian women
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